I'm doing a CISCO network certification in school and I get the feeling, that CISCO straight up ignored the last 30 years of OS development.

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    @Root I guess their marketing calls it "enterprise".
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    Why do you think so?
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    Cisco still uses IOS for their devices,
    Their own OS, that they have written before the time of Linux and FreeBSD.
    Its lacks many features that are a staple in modern OSes, like preemptive multithreading, virtual address spaces, namespacing,...
    You know, shit that is actually relevant for performance and security.
    Furthermore IOS doesn't even have a fucking posix-shell, but a hacked together mess of none sensical commands (at least if you're used to proper OSes).
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    @metamourge They don't actually care about security much. If you keep that in mind when looking at their product decisions (and numerous exploits), everything starts making more sense.
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    Well I tried to use one if their higher end firewalls for 6 months.

    Anytime w tried to do anything beyond the most basic things, rules stopped working without explanation or logic pattern

    And since I have experience of old windows firewall, ipchains, iptables, enternet(now clavister) and fortigate I consider my knowledge above beginner bu their java based gui (requiring an obsolete java version) was completely horrible with multi level popups and almost no overview.
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    Cisco is overpriced & insecure junk.
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    Im late to this rant, but i really do believe this is one of the main reasons that people are going to cloud; this is all abstracted, and you don't really have to deal with this kind of hardware.
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    @arcsector Someone else gets to install the Cisco stuff in the data centre instead of you. 🤣
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