Wow, I think I might be closer to done than I thought I would be!

Double buffered console library, works cross-platform with support for color! Color was a challenge because of the differences between Linux and Windows but I think my solution was okay!

The only thing I have left is reading input and I don't think that's going to be terribly hard! Then, I'm gonna bind it to Lua and make really cool console applications like a portable console notepad lol.

Pic attached.

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    ++ for your font
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    Looks kinda neat!
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    For I/O, you could always do raw fwrite/fread and bypass all the standard library functions.
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    Double buffering meaning you rewrite the whole screen? Because that will run into performance problems very quick. Notably on real ttys not emulated ones.
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    @fuckwit @Fast-Nop for Linux I'm using ncurses, for Windows, I'm using their console API. It's truly double buffered on Windows, and of course, it depends on the implementation on Linux.
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