What would you do if you had a safe way to slack whole day in job?

I am working in a giant company, it is easy to camouflage here. I am doing whenever a job is given but those tasks are not developing me. So I execute those tasks slowly. Sometjmes, a good quality tasks are given , I execute them really fine but those are scarce.

I used to study a lot of things during the day, like cpp, python, IoT but i feel like burnt out, just waiting for the end of the day. How can I break out of this situation. I know, for a better job, I must be a better sw engineer but I am wasting my free time(during my work hours) recently and my feeling of guilt is increasing.

How do you pick up yourselves in such mkments?

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    Drugs and alcohol.
    Seriously though audio books have been getting me through the day.
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    Perhaps you should do the task that do not develop you do faster.

    Why should I give you the important task if you can't do the easy one in a proper way?
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    @JackToolsNet ah, you dont know my industry. My performance have no affect on what type of task I will be assigned.
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    Maybe but I know the people.
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    @JackToolsNet this seems like a generic answer that is rehearsed in front of mirror, unless you explain your point more.
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    I check out whether co-workers are overloaded and offer support. Or sometimes I just dive into completely different projects where I see the need to do so.

    As long as I get my core tasks done, my boss is fine with whatever I'm doing. Given that my last projects were done ahead of schedule, he doesn't want to micro-manage me anyway.
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    Work a second job, probably?

    @Root doesn't know how to relax. ☹
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    1. Work a second job
    2. Work on a personal project
    3. Work on stupid projects that are fun to do (eg. AI to beat minesweeper)
    4. Be proactive and find other tasks to do for the company you work for.

    IMHO, having a stable job that gives you lots of free time is the best situation for you to "develop yourself". You don't need the company to do it for you.
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    i'd play dwarf fortress while listening to podcasts/audiobooks
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    Work on that awesome D&D campaign you've been wanting to run?


    (Actually though...)
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    @Midnigh-shcode is it on mobile?
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    @Root our computers are forbidden from internet, so I cant really work as freelance. I used to have fire inside me, completed 1k pages cpp book at the start of this year but I seem to have lost it.
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    @Fast-Nop I guess I hate working, we have 9 hour workdays. Obviously, nobody works that much. Guess studying “cracking the code interview” is the best solution.
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    @aviophile Yeah that sucks. I've reduced to 7h (not counting breaks), and I'm no less productive than my co-workers.
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    @Fast-Nop All our exits and entrances are logged. I reduced my workday to 7 hours with breaks. But since logs know my time in company, I have to use unpaid hourly leaves. My salary is cut by 25% but at least it is not stressful. Normally, I would leave home on 7:00 sm back home on 6:30 pm, imagine that.
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    @aviophile oh... :(

    but Cataclysm DDA has a mobile port, and it's surprisingly playable, and it's the next best thing after Dwarf Fortress ;)
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