since my favourite phone automation app llama is no more i discovered automate. you build your 'scripts' with functional blocks. it's quite fun but debugging is messy.

mildly interesting: implementing a guided setup instead of defining the values directly leaves me with 77% setup and ui vs 23% actual task.

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    Oh that's rather sad to hear about llama, admittedly I had forgotten about them but I used to rock it on my old SE Neo with rooted Android.
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    @theKarlisK i was surprised to find about that two weeks ago.
    it was easy to setup und did its job well for years. but i had the impression of flaws recently as well. maybe some issues with new system restrictions. idk.
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    @erroronline1 it wouldn't surprize me at all - the new and upcomming Android versions are getting more and more locked down and with more weird changes in App permissions/restrictions (not to say all of them are bad - some make sense, but hinder various Apps that rely on legit use of "X" or "Y" permissions/access).
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