I am at a hotel and these fuckers are blocking outbound connections to port 22. They are also blocking access to any websites mentioning proxy or vpn, seriously fuck them. I managed to get a VNC connection open to one of my servers and I am now trying to set up a VPN tunnel to my servers so I can fucking do my work. >:-(

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    Why is everyone using vpn when a simple proxy is more than enough?

    - change ssh port to your srv
    - ssh srv -p 122 -l bytecode -D 7788
    - set system proxy server to localhost:7788
    - go
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    @netikras well, because they are already interfering with the traffic I no longer trust their network, if they just blocked some ports I would be ok with it, but analyzing the traffic and blocking only requests for certain regexed domains is shady as fuck
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    @bytecode ssh traffic is encrypted
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