Me when finally removed all the php code from the server

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    Why don't people stop b#tching about php. If it sucks that bad, write it better. It's not the languages fault.
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    @lig1 great argument...
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    @elcore Python, es6, Go, C
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    @lig1 I will just let you be happy with python, lost interest here *flies away*
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    @ctrlz But it is the language, PHP is objectively speaking a pretty bad language, it still doesn't have proper async support (its 2016 now), it still has to re-initialize your application on each request (sure it made sense in the 90s when everyone used shared hosting but today its just insane) and it looks a bit like frankensteins monster with features ripped straight from a wide variety of other languages with no thought to how it fits together.

    Yes PHP7 is a huge improvement over php5 but PHP really needs to follow pythons example and throw out/redesign the bad parts even if it breaks compatibility with old code. (Python2.x wasn't anywhere near as bad as PHP but it was still bad enough to justify an overhaul)
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    Plus isomorphic code is awesome
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