I have to change the model of my application but I don’t like the way it was written because it was written with multi threading in mind which I don’t mind using and It makes sense to use but now Idk how I can make any changes.

And I don’t even know where the fuck to start

Also it relies on a lot of OOP stuff and it annoys me. (I don’t really enjoy OOP)

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    Just to throw it out there, the project is finished. I completed it but felt I should improve it by making it more useful by changing the model from the client sending stuff to the server, to the client sending the packets to the server and the server sending it to the target client.

    I was thinking of just doing another project and then come back at it with a new, kinda more fresh perspective. But idk I also kinda just wanna work on something else in general (programming wise)
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    Layers, bubbles.,. Layers
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    @netikras what do you mean
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    @Bubbles if you had proper abstractions you would not have this problem :) just saying..
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    @netikras probably, but it is my first project with any form of networking, I just need to practice by doing another but in the way I want to to start off
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    @Bubbles oh, that explains :) well, good luck improving your skills then!
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    @netikras thanks I’ll need it, sockets can be a pain in the ass to get working the way you want them to 😅
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    @Bubbles indeed! But there's this other issue with sockets you may not see with tiny projects -- you might not get a complete message, you might get it in several packages and different parts of different messages could mix up, esp if you are multiplexing :) hence the protocols, structured messages, checksums and other stuff you see when dealing with raw tcp/ip/udp/... sockets. Buffering, memory mgmt, etc,...

    That's why I no longer bother with them.. Just use a lib :)
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    @netikras a friend taught me how to construct, send and receive packets which I find very enjoyable
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