Me: *opens devTools*
Firefox: yea bro lemme just ..uh.. hmm yeah so this is the css for the element, see?
Me: Thanks.
Me: this makes no sense, why would I ever do that?
Firefox: also you can't have width on an anchor tag. I can't put that rule into effect
Me: I didn't put any width on your inline element, you sure about that?
Firefox: yea try using display: inline-block
Me: No. I'll just delete that. *checks file*
Me: Maybe that line is wrong because IT DOES NOT FUCKING EXIST!

What is this shit? I just restarted you! What else do you need, a reinstall? Drink too much over the holidays?

It's like the css editor has become a shallow tray with rules on it, and as soon as you bump it a little everything spills over and then Firefox just thinks oops, I've got this font-size: 200% lying around, lemme stick this into the hr tag which makes sense because THERE CAN'T BE ANY TEXT IN IT.

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    FF's tools being drunk is something that I concluded when the AVERAGE of the FPS was below the fucking MINIMUM.

    Btw, the inline style on #statusbarcont shouldn't be there, and I'm pretty sure the hr shouldn't be there either. hr doesn't mean "draw a horizontal line", after all.
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    @Fast-Nop the inline style is there for js reasons; that element is invisible by default and only becomes visible if it is needed.

    And TIL hr doesn't mean horizontal line anymore in hmtl5...
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    @Conrad Then put that into the CSS and override it from JS at runtime if need be. Inline styles become a headache once you try to deploy Content Security Policy.
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    @Conrad hr has NEVER meant "draw a horizontal line", in no version of HTML.

    HR is a horizontal ruler, which you use when you have a change of topic where for whatever reason a new heading is not warranted or wanted. That's the semantics of hr.
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    @Fast-Nop It is in css. The inline style was placed there by the javascript and therefore shows up in devtools. The source is just this:
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    @Conrad Ahhh ok sorry, my mistake.
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    @Fast-Nop Rule != line? Easy mistake if your native language isn't english. I think I was taught to use it as a horizontal line in school too though.
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    @Conrad In both HTML versions, the semantics are the same. Using hr to draw a horizontal line is abusing a tag for its default appearance. That's never how HTML was meant to be used.

    OK, during the dark ages of the browser wars in the late 90s, HTML 3 derailed into presentational stuff with tags like center, but that's what CSS was meant to fix on any website after about 1998.

    An hr is used only for a change in topic or thought, but that would require having a topic, so it would require some p tag at least before it.
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    @Conrad yes, firefox does not indicate if inline styles are in the source html or from js as far as I have seen, might be a good future improvement :).
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