- finish my project's backend, make a proto frontend
- throw the proto away and hire someone to do it for me. Or at least make the design...
- learn that freaking k8s ffs...
- if there will be spare time left - move from on-prem to aws/gcp, maybe launch an alpha

- improve my people skills
- bump my salary significantly

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    Kubernetes env management or app development/deployment?
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    @arcsector Both. I need both to bring my app up on it. Cluster mgmt/admin for dev envs, deployment - for all of them.

    Last week I was diving into how k8s networking works. I'm impressed. Truth be told I wasn't even aware Linux resources' namespaces were a thing since kernel 2.x! I knew there's this thing called cgroups, but the other ns'es -- I had no clue they are there.
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    @netikras i dont remember the exact command, but its something like "kubectl list --all" and it's whenever you're SSH'd into a pod (maybe slave node) you can list the functions you can perform on said pod/node. It was really helpful for me when i was first starting out working with hardening my deployments and with cluster management.
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    @arcsector will have to try it out when my little one falls asleep.

    Thank you!!
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    @netikras i found it; its:

    kubectl auth can-i --list --namespace=foo

    And you dont actually have to be ssh'd into a pod
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