Do more with game development.
Maybe get something simple with OpenGL written in C# .NET Core 3.

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    You have until November before .net 5 releases :P
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    Why not unity?
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    Because the programming practices in Unity make a mockery of the whole point of a strongly typed language.

    On top of that it abstracts the graphics system too much for my liking. I want to learn how it works, not just how to use it. 🙃
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    Why .net core?
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    @Root I mean I use it 90% of the time but then again I don’t do game dev so you have a valid question
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    @Root because I'm doing primarily C# for work and cross platform .NET Core seems to be the future of the language.
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    @kwilliams I'd worry about performance. It alsonisnt a typical choice for game dev unless you're using Unity, so support could be lacking.
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    Is more a proof of concept than for anything where micro optimisation would be a necessity.

    If I manage to get a simple top down or platformer with collisions, physics etc I'll be happy.
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