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Social Medias Plan Dinner in Group Chat

Facebook: Hey everyone, hoping to plan din for tonight, how do people feel about Thai? Also my handsome son just graduated look how handsome he is

LinkedIn: I endorse your leadership skills in choosing the dinner spot

*MySpace has left the conversation*

Facebook: Thank god lol

Twitter: Well this dinner blew up. I've got nothing to promote, so follow me on SoundCloud

Vine: Haha potatoes

*Vine has left the conversation*

Facebook: Where did Vine go? Vine was hilarious :( also my son is so handsome he got a job

LinkedIn: Where does your handsome son work? Hoping to connect further. Best

Twitter: No idea where Vine went lmao

Venmo: i'll pay you for "dinner"

Snapchat: y so ~sketch~ Venmo

Venmo: My mom has this

Snapchat: tru

Yik Yak: All of you were horrible in your respective high school plays. Everyone laughed at you

Facebook: Can we pivot to Russian for tonight? No reason

Twitter: Look facebook is the evil one

Facebook: JK can't do tonight anymore guys going to Congress. Also my son got a promotion

LinkedIn: Congrats, Handsome Son!

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