I'm currently learning C# and I know the best way to learn is by actually working on projects but at the moment I'm only able to build Console Applications. What console applications projects do you think I should work on to practice C#? Thanks 🙌🏾

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    Make a text based game, or ASCII graphics
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    well, what do you want to concentrate on? being an oop language with similar constructs to Java, I would say:

    build examples that deal with different design patterns. Once you understand the most widely used design patterns, use them to build something like what was mentioned above.

    If you want to do something like web development, C# is pretty gangstah for that, games is another good area. But in all of these domains you need to get familiar with design patterns. SPECIALLY with this language.
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    You could mess around with some networking applications, or automation both from the console, or even a vim clone there’s lots you could do, but it also depends on what you want to do as well
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    @AleCx04 than@Bubbles I mostly want to practice OOP since it's new to me.
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    @jordanglean console is really only used for batch processed, servers apps and system services...

    If you want to focus on OOP, I guess you could get a REST server framework and just use it as a wrapper.

    But not very useful from a practical point of view.

    Otherwise just read some stuff on OOP.

    Languages are just syntax. OOP is a concept, way if thinking about and solving problems
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    @billgates that makes sense, thanks a lot.
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    Make a network messanger for console. In c# good project usable and can give you a good skill set.
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    @jordanglean design patterns are part of oop, a set of techniques and best practices for using it. Very theory heavy, but you can't escape said concept in most applications my dude. I would suggest to really invest some time with it.
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    @jordanglean well you still have to make something out of the OOP code simple or not. Also next time make sure the @ works for me lol I would’ve responded sooner
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    Actually here's one project maybe....

    Create a calculator look like Google's
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