How do you guys keep motivation in a long term project? Cause I could be completely motivated in the first like half but then just lose interest even though I love the project itself.

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    Take a short break, have a day for myself, binge watch/play somethink I wanted for a long time, take my mind off of it for a day(or more). IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT THINK ABOUT IT DURING THE BREAK. Ideas popping in your head are fine but don't start thinking about how to impliment them or what you'll do after the break. Let your mind rest.
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    @SoldierOfCode I’ll have to try that on the next project I decide to do (I finished my last one I was just doing)
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    Devide it up into small tasks, checking off multiple tasks in a short time feels like progress and keeps me motivated to work on bigger projects.
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    @LHofman I’ve been trying to do that as well it does help a little bit I agree.
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    always have the feedback what you achieved
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    Avoid a burnout at all costs. Sleep when you should even when you know how to get something done. This way you will always look forward to tomorrow.
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    I can't. After about a year I start wondering "what else is there?" and after two years I'm fed up with any project.

    I'm just that type of person who wants to see something new once in a while. For me, knowing a project like the back of my hand means boredom. For others it's completely different and they feel comfortable. Nothing wrong with either and we need both in the industry.
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    There are always these little features, updates and new challenges that keep me motivated.
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    @VaderNT I’m a mix of both and it makes me feel a little better to know other people go through that first one too
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