Happy 2020, its like 1pm here which means people already should be in the next decade somewhere

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    Code is here but its like 30 meaningful lines

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    I still hold that the next decade starts only on 2021-01-01 because there was no year 0. But happy last year of the decade!
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    @Fast-Nop yes, time began at year 1.
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    @olback @Fast-Nop does 2020 have 2010something in its name?
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    @tekashi The first decade went from 1 to (including) 10 CE because the year after 1 BCE was not 0, but 1 CE.

    The second decade then went from 11 to (including) 20. Add up 2000 years, and there you are.

    With your counting, you'd either have a decade with only 9 years somewhere, or you'd have to include the year 1 BCE to the first decade after CE, and neither makes sense.

    Or you shift to astronomers' counting, but then all dates BCE would be off. Like the Battle of Issos suddenly being at 332 BCE or Rome founded in 752 BCE, which nobody does.
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