Me to team: eslint-plugin-import is tripling the time it takes to lint our project (literally adding minutes to the linting process). Do we really need it?

Boss: what does it do?

Me: ensures import paths are correct; reorders imports; ...

Teammate: imports should NEVER be reordered!

*cue debate about reordering imports that is still raging - my question is never answered*

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    Why the fuck shouldn't they be reordered?
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    Take out the shotgun
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    @karma's option might be the best choice

    Pull out shotgun and take control
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    @asgs Source control maybe? I don't reorder imports for that reason, but I wouldn't start a fight over it.

    Also if they're incorrectly using the global scope it could also be an issue. Polyfills should also always come first, so if those get reordered it could be dangerous, but that depends on how they're implemented
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