Me stupid:
I copied a file from a server and deleted it on the server before the copying was done. Thought it was done. It wasn't though.

Me lucky:
Linux only tags files as deleted when a program is still actively accessing it and deletes it when the last access disappeared. Quickly copied it on the server, not that my scp dies and the file is gone for good. However scp didn't die. Got the file. Finally deleted it on the server again after making sure I had it locally.

I love linux.

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    Lucky boi. Don’t say Linux never did anything for you.
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    Great save!
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    ah yes, the magic of file descriptors.
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    I recall once I accidentally removed a .dbf file on a prod server
    yepp, that's right!

    Thanks to file descriptors I've managed to restore it back from the still running oracle process. No data had been lost, noone even noticed the file was missing for a few minutes nor that its inode had changed :)

    so yeah, linux is awesome :)
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    #LinuxFTW #LinusTorvalds
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