once I downloaded a zip from MediaFire from an "idiot kid" (you know the kind) and I opened it. The format was invalid. I open it in notepad and guess what? IT'S A FUCKING RAR FILE! so I rename the extension to rar, lo and behold, yeet, it works. Don't trust idiot kids. ever.

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    what kind of extractor can't auto-detect type from magic? 7-Zip does it, WinRAR does it...

    (also this is written like a 12 year old's twitter posts... the "idiot" kid didn't hapoen to be you? Also, COPPA?)
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    @Parzi I used explorer. I used 7-zip when I found out it was a rar. And you can work out how old I am using my username.
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    @TheAwesome98 i was messing with you xD
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