this should have been my first rant, but ive never thought about this till now. here goes.

did anyone actually find out about this community by googling problems with profanity? and instead getting some thread from stackoverflow, they got a rant post from this website haha

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    I came to know from a former colleague of mine 3 years ago. It was famous for all the memes
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    A random dev on Discord mentioned this place to me a couple of times. I don't think he's still around though.

    But I di absolutely find rants when ddging some problems, or when I get pissy and search for expletives 😅
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    I saw the website opened in a YouTube video. That's how I got here.
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    *not actually a rant. rofl
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    I stumbled on it and couldn't contain my urge to attempt to offend people.

    Devrant is (almost) immune.
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