In 2020 I want to achieve:
- develop a proper custom deployment tool (for job)
- get my boss to finally approve of me doing code reviews (we have 0 reviews 🙄, tiny company)
- never have to work on WordPress ever again
- develop or set up a company internal package repo (alt. to NPM)
- get a new contract
- get 3 open side projects done

- buy some more furniture and make the appartment finally cozy and a happy place to live
- finally get over the negative thoughts of that antisocial ex
- go indoor climbing 3 days of the week, to get rid of those developer fat cushions... 😅

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    Thank god another climber. I don’t even explain my job anymore I’m just like “I work in computers”
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    Where are you planing in going climbing? If it's in the Zurich area and it fits my schedule, I might join!
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    @Wack I used to go to the Gaswerk, but since I moved away from Zurich about 2 years ago, I've found have a local bouldering hall.
    But I'll hit you up if Zurich is on the plan some time. 😎
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    just curious what are you running a private package manager for? js or some other language?
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    @ben85ts It's just to keep our packages within the company, because we dont want them public and, let's say, my boss is a bit reluctant to add yet another paid account to the list (in this case NPM, to host private packages).
    We currently only have an internal package manager for Composer packages and access to packages is secured with a login.
    Now I have an internal package manager alternative to NPM planned. Nothing big and I will implement it in PHP.

    Basically our company is pretty small but I'm the one who tries to keep code-relazed things "clean" and useful. My boss is a developer, but not "very experienced"... 😅
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    Sounds soo good and so much fun. One of mines is having to cope with WordPress...
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