aight boys i'm doing it
i'm switching to Linux full-time

no i'm not using arch or arch-based, i lost my arch bootdisk and i'm not spending another 100hrs on making it work again

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    Happy down grading!
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    Literally no point
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    @Stuxnet i mean... VMs and all the Windows support apps. Not really.

    @shoop yeah but like win10 breaks every so often for me and i'm sick of it, and also games were the only thing keeping me there and that's very quickly becoming a nonissue, current state included. I can run 70-80% of games there and can do whatever the fuck I want on it without hassle.
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    @Parzi how often you people manage to break Windows blows my mind.
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    @Stuxnet I achieve it by turning on the machine and occasionally installing updates. Nothing else is necessary.
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    I use debian it's quite stable, Gentoo also worked really well for me and never broke itself
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    How non game developers get comfortable with Windows is a mystery I am yet to solve, you can never be wrong with a Unix based OS... Apple or Linux does it for me
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    @Stuxnet I can break things by being within 10 feet of it. This is news to you?
    @groxx this but also other things that no one else has had happen and are triggered randomly as opposed to on updates.
    @matt-jd I would agree, I like Debian in its actual state (Linux Mint is pushing it, Ubuntu's a fucking mess) but lightdm is 0 bytes and the system is complaining even at an idle shell. I've *just* installed Debian...
    @PlainText I use Python, so I can easily do syschecks and adapt! /shrug
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    @Parzi as @Stuxnet said, it actually blows my mind how people manage to break windows. It's literally the most foolproof thing out there

    Linux still doesn't run games. It just doesn't. Nobody makes binaries for Linux, at least for games worth playing. Linux will halve your fps, probably reduce it even more. Linux does not play games. Even the simplest shit like minecraft written in c++, the language of Linux, one of the lightest bestselling games out there. It still runs at 30% of the fps I get on Windows with the exact same laptop. Despite having lowered the graphics settings.

    A stock Linux installation will break more often. Linux is not stable enough for everyday use. It freezes, crashes randomly, and frankly looks like shit. You will have to spend weeks customizing it and making it work on your hardware. Also forget games if you have an Nvidia card because Linux doesn't support that obviously. Forget 90% of the AAA market because nobody is bothered to compile for Linux. Forget convenience because Linux commands are 90% bad mnemonics, and the rest are arguments that consist of one letter.

    I genuinely don't understand why people still use Linux
    Fuck that shit
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    I'm just gonna point out that PlayStations use BSD
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    @Stuxnet How often windows used to break (when I still used it) still blows my mind
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    - Games don't run on Linux?! What year are you living in? True, many games still don't support Linux but through, for example, Steam Play, I can get 90 percent of windows only games I play to work perfectly fine, at the same performance as it would on windows.

    - Bad own experience? The hardware support out of the box is the best there is (had to install one printer driver once, for which the vendor provided a native Linux one (Brother), that's literally it). I've ran Linux distro's on so many pc's and laptops and maybe once had a tiny issue which was resolved quickly. Now, I'm not saying that this is the experience for everyone, but to say it just doesn't work is simply wrong (running a PC with 6 screens on some weird video card which worked perfectly fine from the first second, Kubuntu).
    The interface looking like shit is merely an opinion, IMO KDE Plasma looks sexy as hell.

    Why do people still use it? Its mostly stable, quick updates, its open (which is strangely enough a requirement for some companies giving a fuck about their security) so if you want to reprogram shit feel free to do so, it can run on very little resources, default hardware support is fucking amazing, it works awesome for server (ask the big surveillance companies)...
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    @linuxxx Steam games work right out of the box for me on Fedora.
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    @sodaTab Oh yeah for me too but you do need steam play for the windows games!
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    @linuxxx I've been getting everything done with proton though Steam.
    I'm able to play Elder Scrolls Online and Unreal Tournament 2004 without any hangups mostly.
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    I had my brand new acer nitro 5 out of the box Windows 10 BSOD on every boot after windows updates were applied a year ago.

    I didn't do anything to it, it just started failing.
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    @groxx pebcac issues >>>>
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    @shoop I've seen performance *increases* going from Windows to Linux on my laptop, not huge ones as it's got one of those Intel fake iGPU things, but improvements nonetheless. Fuck are you talking about?
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    @groxx yep! Plus you can boot Debian on hacked ones iirc
    @linuxxx yeah, anddon't forget Gallium and DXVK and such.
    @sodaTab the only issues with games atm is anti-cheat, but other than that, yeah.
    @jesustricks did you do diagnostics of any kind? What was the issue?
    @Stuxnet yeah prolly
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    @Stuxnet to be fair, it has historically been buggy drivers causing many windows crashes. They probably haven't tested with the exact combination of hardware I'm using in my... lemme check... surface pro 4.

    Sounds like some weird imported device ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @shoop Well you are a gamer, gamers will windows. Who cares? Any dev will know better.
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    @Parzi don't remember, but windows was my side os, wasn't willing to put time to figure what happened with it.
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