1) Release code generator project “Accio”, that I almost finished implementing in the last year. Need to do some minor refactoring, add minor features and then write documentation which probably will take the most time.

2) Again, finish a side-project I started last year, which is a TV ambilight with a camera in front of the screen.

3) After finishing the 2nd, I would like to pick up a new side-project and implement MVP, which pontentially could grow into an indie business.

4) Would like to start a dev blog, though I had this resolution for the last 5 years already, so don’t know if this year is going to be any different. On the other hand, finishing first 2 resolutions would give me quite some topics to write about.

5) And specifically for October, would like to contribute and get hacktoberfest t-shirt.

Then some that are not dev related:

- Participate in my first MTB race
- Read a single book per month
- Learn dutch, as I live in the Netherlands for quite some time already.

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