Sometimes people ask me why i don't like awwwards. Ok, lets give them another try. I just opened 40 SOTD and every single has some kind of loader from 2secs to 15secs. Than i opened this site: https://pianotriofest.com/. It has no loader! But still, i have no idea how to control it. 95% of them can't work without JS. So many flaws i can't even describe, so little quality. All of them reached 7 or 8 in usability. Awwwards judges are incompetent kids.

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    Never heard of them before I saw this rant. Looks like they just feature anyone with a full page hero element.
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    I just visited that site and boi is it ugly.
    Where have the days gone, when we had actual menus instead of this endless scroll garbage.
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    Awwkwards is pure shit. Not only that the sites are badly made, they usually don't have content. Yeah "design" without content, big trick here.

    Or they hide the content under the fold, forcing the user to scroll, because these retarded shithead wannabe webdesigners still havn't understood that splash pages suck. They just implement that crap with different means. Over and over.
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    I now hate you for making me click on that link.
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