Awesome wife accountant person notified me she is closing the business pending divorce. Apparently boss man didn't like an actionable woman after all.

So I've registered my own business and will go this new route.

What a strange ride the last week has been.

I suppose this is an expected conclusion, though I thought she'd initiate the divorce.

Oh well, not my problem!


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    Well, "new year new me" right?

    All in all though, good for her and for you!
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    That took an unexpected turn.
    Oh well - good luck in your new direction, and a happy new year!
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    Oh wow, what a turn of events! Good for her. Thanks for sharing this gem, and keep us updated on your new business.
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    Omg! Yes! This is great! It seems my guessing becomes true! I'm so happy for the smart and entrepreneuring (ex)wife and soo. To be your new girlfriend/partner?
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