Hey guys, how do you feel about the death of Python 2. As a stupid person I love Python and it's the only language I can somewhat understand 10% of. What's going to change by moving to 3? Any of you guys adversely affected by any of this?? Broken projects? Lack of support? I really regret not teaching myself programming when my brain was still spongey.....it's just a ball of poop right now.

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    Python3 is great, you can jump right in with P2 knowledge for the most part, the differences you can just google.

    Also, the brain is the most maluable and addaptible organ in the body at any age, you just need to enjoy using something and it will stick
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    @Hazarth tataTATATA! Dead! That means no more python. Humanity is redeemed. Steve Jobs died on cross to kill python. Or something..
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    @Pyjong the hell are you talking about? No more python? You do know that python is in version 3.8 right? Only support for 2 is discontinued. Python is well and strong and v2 had it comming for a long time
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    @Hazarth πŸ˜† sorryyyy
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    @Pyjong you're a funny guy, I like you
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    It will break stuff
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