2017: This year I am going to learn a lot of stuff. *Buys 10 courses*
2018: I am going to finish all the courses I bought, *Buys like 10 other course*
2019: This is the year I am going to do it. *Ignore courses goes to Youtube*
2020: This year is the charm. Hopefully. 😬🙃

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    I have so many e-books I haven't touched... maybe I should have a look instead of buying new ones over and over again without having a closer look
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    @awruh I had a spree with humble bundle for a couple of years. Got lots of books but not happy with any platform I can read them on...
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    @ArcaneEye same here.
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    You know what? 2020 *will indeed* be the charm.

    This year and I only just met, but my first impression is good so far.
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