Last year my goals were two:

- work less
- earn more

and I only achieved the second one.
Based on that, my new resolutions are:

- sleep more
- do not work more
- earn more or equal
- to gain stability
- more efficient workouts

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    No job = More fun....I understand
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    @Konstrukt I don't get it. What do you mean?
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    @turbod i assume he doesn't grasp the concept of work less AND earn more. classic employee...
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    Hey, that sounds like my last year's resolution.

    I had 3 pay rises last year... although I didn't get to work less 😑
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    Can you explain to me how you get to working less, and earning more?
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    @msrivastava574 well, in fact what I can tell you is how to earn more and working more (hours).

    To earn more and work less (hours) my plan were to use my experience to work better (more efficiently).

    I supose I didn't try hard enough. Previous year had some unexpected events that didn't let me focus all I wanted. You know: live.
    But it's okey: I'm happy.
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    Are you trying to work the odds here?
    2.5 of those commitments will hold, based on past data.

    Choose wisely.
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