Wordpress is such a slow shit!!! It doesn't matter how many plugins for optimization do you use, this shit is always slow! why this kind of tech has to exist in many places of the internet 😒😒

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    I'll give you a clue,

    There's a section of the world, that's entire IT workforce, is forced to... umm... create bullshit code... called plugins... and it's a 5 letter nation, kinda isolated but well know for its bullshit devs.

    wait, you installed "optimisation" plugins... what the fuck did you think was going to happen! That's just more code for WP to have a panic attack over.
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    well, its easier to setup and cheaper host i guest?
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    Unless they add things to a cache it has no chance of optimizing the processing server side. It can optimize things for the browser and load faster. After this is done you really need to look into a caching proxy like CDN service or Varnish. These help offloading all static content. True dynamic content remains an issue.
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    Wordpress can be fast if you remove all the bullshit. Whats makes Wordpress slow is all the stupid CSS and JS the core, third-party themes and third-party plugins inject in the HTML.

    For example, when WP 4.2 dropped they added emoji support for older browsers through a 10 KB JS file. Take that shit out and you save yourself a couple of HTTP requests.

    WP automatically loads jQuery in the front-end, you can remove it if you don't use it. Another saving right.

    Sure its not super fast by default, but you can easily get sub 500ms loads with the right tweaks.

    Is WordPress well made? Hell no, but it's not as bad when you learn how it works.
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    Headless wordpress (empty theme) with Gatsby is hella fast
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