Mozilla has announced that it's rolling out changes under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to all Firefox users worldwide.

According to report of ZDNet: The CCPA (America's privacy legislation) came into effect on January 1, 2020, offering Californian users data-protection rules. Much like Europe's GDPR, the CCPA gives consumers the right to know what personal information is collected about them and to be able to access it. While the law technically only applies to data processed about residents in California, US. But Mozilla notes it was one of the few companies to endorse CCPA from the outset. Mozilla has now outlined the key change it's made to Firefox, which will ensure CCPA regulations benefit all its users worldwide. The main change it's introducing is allowing users to request that Mozilla deletes Firefox telemetry data stored on its servers. That data doesn't include web history, which Mozilla doesn't collect anyway, but it does include data about how many tabs were opened and browser session lengths. The new control will ship in the next version of Firefox on January 7, which will include a feature to request desktop telemetry data be deleted directly from the browser.

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    Yap. I've been building the CCPA data request features at work. And the backend bits they never thought to request; like a freaking dashboard so they can actually view and mark the requests instead of having them live entirely in Jira. 🙄
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    Would have been even cooler to give an option to fucking DISABLE the telemetry.
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    Yes, a nice move.

    But all the data regulation stuff is useless. You never know where the data has been transferred before you "deleted" it. You never know if the data is really deleted or just marked as deleted, IOW just not displayed after the deletion request.

    And you can be 100% sure that the data is not deleted from all the backups made over the years you've been using the software.
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    @lamka02sk From what I remember, even if you disable everything in the Privacy and Security settings, FF will still phone home. Did they finally change that?
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    @Fast-Nop I know it still collects data but it is not sent anywhere as long as you don't enable it in settings. Also this collecting can be disabled in about:config.
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