DynamoDB should be renamed to DynamoPseudoDB since it's nothing like a "real" DB, but more like a key-value store with some DB features.

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    Other names that seem more befitting:

    • DynamoStore
    • Almost-a-DB
    • Redis-and-MongoDB-have-a-serverless-child
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    I don't get the rant. The product clearly says it's a NoSQL database service for key-value and document data structures. Just because it's not a relational database doesn't mean it's not a real database. If you want the traditional structure of a relational database, use RDS.
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    Not comparing it with relational databases and RDS but with MongoDB and other document databases. Managing the 400KB item limit makes it hard to be used as a proper document DB. That's why there's DocumentDB which is quite good but has a few limitations of its own (and can be quite costly).
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    DB or data base is a very generic term and dynamodb is most definitely a DB.

    There are many key value store DB’s with limited item size that are still good for their intended purpose.

    Many DB’s try to do a little more than just the basics of their type but some just focuses on speed, memory footprint, ease of use or portability.

    DynamoDB specifically focuses on very high speed and scalability and this requires limits on size as very large items will require a different underlying structure which would conflict with their primary purpose.

    If the size limit is a problem then dynamo DB is not the right solution for your problem, but tat does not mean its not a good DB for those that need the speed and scale of billions of items for fast retrieval.
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    If Excel sheets are called databases sometimes, that can surely be a database too.
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