I had to reinstall windows because (hear me out) an old webcam, so old I used to use it for Messenger when I was like 8, couldn't get its drivers right for Windows 10 64 bits.
Not 100% tested, but I'm 88.9% sure it was that what corrupted my OS.
After reinstalling, I had to look up the model (super generic but distinctive enough to make me search for a whole 2 hours), learnt a lot (wow) and now it's... let's call it working.
Now I have to reinstall the 6 programs and 10 games I had that could be worse but still, damn.

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    Side note: In less than 10 hours I'm leaving for 10 days to the north of my country, so I'm sad I couldn't focus on preparing my luggage and now I'm rushing.
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    you never removed the driver? It was still loaded???
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    @Parzi The problem happened in a new computer, however I don't really know if the old computer we have is the one we used to use those days or if it's another one... so I don't know if the original drivers exist somewhere here.
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    Now that's what I call a user friendly Operating System.

    Imagine knowing little about computers and then when plugging in your humble webcam your computer breaks..
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    @Deohgu oh linux would be much better, right?
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    A lot of old devices don't have a 64bit driver on windows
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    @dontbeevil uh, no. That would be worst. I spoke of user friendly meaning one that provides a simpler user experience for the layfolk.

    No one should have to plow through worthless forum threads to (not) find an answer as to why something is not working or changing simple settings.

    Whilst being a Windows user I'd still recommend others getting either a Chromebook or a Mac due to the lower learning curves.
    In the end most people just want to do simple work on their computer.
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    @dontbeevil You hear a sound in the wind and spy motion across the clearing. It’s the enemy. You hold close to your improvised cover with a bullet in the chamber, heart beating heavily, and a thirst for the enemy’s blood. Upon closer inspection the passing company are all friendlies. They will never know how close you were to pulling the trigger. Dammit. This war is taking its toll on your mind.
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    @Deohgu usually in every rant like this there is always a comment like "windows sucks, switch to linux", sorry I thought yours were one of them, I'm surprised there is no such a comment like that yet.
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    @dontbeevil Well Imma play my trap card and say I'm installing Linux Mint and Ubuntu right after I have Windows set up, that way I cancel most possible future comments of those.
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    The windows creator update added a really hard to remove “standard” driver which broke compatibility with a lot of devices. I have a webcam that doesn’t work anymore due to it.
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