Motorcycling to work feels wonderful man. I can sleep like 30 minutes before my shift starts (2 hours away from home when taking the car) and I still won't be late if I ride the motorcycle to work instead of taking the cab. One time I was at home with family (28 km away from work and 4 hour commute!) and I woke up just one hour before my shift starts. Got to work with 10 minutes to spare!

I am just not sure if the top brass would approve of my transport habits.

But I would fit right into the dev team's biker culture.

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    Yeah, big part of why i want to do an electric swap on a honda in the summer
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    Yeah I got my biking style totally ruined when I was abroad in France for half a year where there where two options. Style coulé (fluent driving), and style extrêmement coulé (extreme brainless speeding).
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    @jennytengsonM Btw the bike could be your little sister - it will have its 20th anniversary this year. But it still does its 205 km/h tops with 76 HP out of 750 ccm. Good old style carbs with starting choke and no ABS.
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    @Fast-Nop your bike looks totally new, man
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    OMG Yes!!! I'm down in southern california. I live out in Riverside county, have to commute to Orange County everyday. In a car with "lighter than normal traffic" approx. 2-2.25h one way! I was basically having to pull 14 hour days because of traffic. (I'd stay late to try and wait for the traffic to die down so my drive would be 50 minutes when commuting in non-peak hours.)

    It was starting to really affect me because of the lack of sleep I was getting and messing with my marriage a great deal because I wasn't really around the house often enough to help. When I was home I was usually passed out onnthe couch.

    glad to finally be riding a bike again! (I was in an accident like 3 years ago and the wife was pretty serious about no more motorcycles) I was able to convince her to let me get an old fat-man cruiser bike. ('Cause I'm old and fat and really don't have any business being on sportbikes anymore lol.)

    I went from a 2003 GSX-R1000, to a harley street bob.

    Have fun riding!
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    @Fast-Nop Dude, your bike does look superbly clean!
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    @zymk met a guy while traveling who had to go from palmdale to Rancho Cucamonga every day. All he said was "look at Google's morning traffic estimates and you'll understand"

    I understand perfectly.
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    I'm reminded when I used to cycle to work, 45 minutes, or 4 hours by bus on a bad day.

    Of course 45 minutes usually included half a dozen life threatening situations only saved by lightning reflexes, luck, or careful risk management assessment..

    Where as the bus route, only includes 1 or two life threatening situations to worry about..
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    I so agree!!

    Except I can't really afford a bike rn as I don't have where to keep it and parking in an already severely overcrowded post-soviet yard is too risky [blocks of 5-stores buildings have 5-6 parking spots each].

    Hence I've switched to electric energy. Got an e-scooter as a gift from my wife. The time diff is not that big when compared with a car [diesel: 30-40min, electric: 30min], but it's far more fun and cheaper! I mean you cannot refuel your diesel tank at your workplace, but you can easily charge your scooter!
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    I wish we was allowed things like that here.

    I did ponder these once:


    > Jumping boots


    > Sedmimílové skákací boty na Nově


    > This man can run 25 MPH!! 🏃 -

    > The Bionic Boots - Worlds Fair Nano SF 2017


    > Russian Rocket Boots 3 - Speed Test

    The Russian one is diesel powered, so again not road legal here.

    I wonder if it would be legal to have an electric version, of a hydrogen fuel cell version ?

    Probably not..

    25mph boots.
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