Syntax for my proposed "unsure" programming language.

Variable declaration:

let's just say that <variable name> = <value>

Function declaration:

hypothetically, we could <function name> (<args>){}

Try/ catch:

it's possible that

...or not (<ex>)


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    I like it and you'll have my continuous support.
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    I mean why not, as long as (condition)

    I really feel like we should only {...} if (condition)

    Class definition:
    Perhaps Classname could have {...}
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    Although, now thinking of it, it should definitely be duck typed, not have class declaration, only mixin objects (kinda like prototype, but multiple, so we don't have to choose one and discard the rest)

    No constants, everything can be redefined ( I don't think this needs to be explained )

    Primitives are copied by reference and everything is mutable ( so we can change our minds even after having passed the values to a function )

    Previous value is stored after assignment and can be reset with a command (If not used, the compiler can skip this)

    IFs can yield to the else block and vice versa with the "although" keyword (works on the innermost else or if that has an else)

    Throw is "Nah, screw this, <Any>" and you can throw any type
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