4 months ago I asked my company do we get new contracts?
Yes in December they said. In December I asked again. yes in two weeks. Two weeks before the end of the year. contract received. It is worse than previous contract. 20% less pay, overtime not payed. Obligated to do overtime once in a while. And more issues just to name a few

Happy fucking holidays.
Start your year fresh being unemployed yeah!

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    Time to look for a new job. Your old company doesn't think they need you anymore.
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    Stay and do 20% less work, until you find another job.
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    I was gonna ask if you were in the us then I looked at your profile... Yeah... Soz man, dat shit illegal here lol
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    @WildOrangutan the contract also says I am not allowed to work in the same industry as that company for 1 year.. that is this is not an option.
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    @0x0000FFFF Unless they PAY you for a year of doing nothing, that clause is legally invalid both in the EU and the US.
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    @ScribeOfGoD yeah but how do you fight it. I think what they did was legal in the circumstances this was. It was their loss multiple people turned down and walked away. there goes the knowledge
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    @Fast-Nop they simply kept the same base number of salary. removed pension. strip off 5 vacation days. added rule to change your title, location and job description at anytime. requested to work overtime without extra payment. could be requested to work in weekends and holidays with out extra pay. and If I would have signed it I was not allowed to work in the same industry as they. It is f*cking bullshit
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    @0x0000FFFF That's WRONG. The no-compete clause is INVALID. Even if you have signed it, you can ignore it.
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    @Fast-Nop agreed, unethical as well
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    @0x0000FFFF Good luck finding a new gig. That said, you should have been looking for a while already.
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    It's in the best interest of states to punish non-compete clauses as severely as possible. These things directly limit market growth. I'm thinking cutting off every hand that touched it except the employee. Working on illegal documents as an office worker is equally as bad as writing them, the only excuse is if you're financially cornered by your employer.
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