The end of today was extremely fun.

Imagine the surprise. I was importing a simple 8 GB big virtual machine into the Proxmox hypervizor.

First issue: It was in the Open Virtualization Format (.ova) for easy import into... most hypervizors... Not Proxmox, however.

But really, not that bad, there are ways around it. Create a blank virtual machine through the UI, scrap the disk you create, then extract the two disk QCOW2 files from the .ova file, which by itself is just a POSIX TAR archive. Then import them through the commandline.

...So I did just that. The larger of the two was about 8 GBs, the other just like... 50 MBs.

The larger imported fine. The smaller?

Color me surprised, when it created a FUCKING. 1. TB. LOGICAL. VOLUME.


That it then proceeded to try and fill full of zeros...

Oh yes, it was one of the fancy dynamic storage files that expand as space is needed.

Tomorrow, I'll have to try if I can export just the filesystem data into an individual, shrunken down, normal, plain, old disk. None of this fancy black magic shit.

...Also... I don't get why Proxmox doesn't support that... The filesystem was only a few megs big... Ugh.

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