Sooo I think my VPS slowly dying. Disk r/w performance has gone to shit - we're talking ~10MB/s write speed on a fucking SSD.
Is there any way to bring it back to life? Or should I just give up?

Note: I've been keeping this VPS alive for years because it only costs me 1 eur/month, and they don't have this offer anymore - it costs triple now, so I reeeeally don't want to lose that price.
Also, I'm using it as a DNS server (among other things), and I really like the IP address, so I don't really wanna lose that either...

What do?

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    Could it be tha they're intentionally slowing it down?
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    What do you expect for 1 EUR per month? What do you think how many customers they need to have on the same physical machine in order to still be profitable? And what will that mean for the performance?
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    @alexbrooklyn I don't see why they would, performance has been pretty decent in the last 2+ years, it only started grinding to a halt a few weeks ago
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    @Fast-Nop performance was pretty good actually, it only started slowing down a few weeks ago (after 2+ years of usage).

    It has never been this slow in the past.

    It's that cheap because I bought it during a sale when the provider was still small-ish.

    Now that they've grown a little bit, the same VPS would cost 3 EUR/month, and performance is fairly comparable with the cheapest offers on Hetzner and Scaleway (which are pretty good too, for the same price).
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    @endor They HAVE to put tons of customers on the same machine at that price. What likely happened is that among these 2000 customers or so, there are some new ones who do something with a lot of disk IO. Like running botched up WP websites with hundreds of requests per pageview, and they're getting traffic.
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    Start a gofundme? Sell some furniture? Weekend landscaping gig? Have a bake sale...
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    Create a lot of disk writes yourself. The others are will leave sooner or later
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    Can you check the SMART of that SSD?
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