I tried to make some SP using the syntax and formatting that visual studio outputs when making a SSRS report. I thought it was nice.

It formats the code in a standard way and transforms stuff like "join" to "INNER JOIN" and "left join" to "LEFT OUTER JOIN ".

When the team reviewed the code they were like WTF?! This syntax is horrible, it can't be understood. You did this?

*Me with my red face*...

I just said. You know what? I am going to go back to the old school syntax if you prefer. I just thought it was better.

Yeah... You really should go back to old school syntax.


Keep in mind that the old school syntax is annoying to me... No formatting at all and basic instructions are not in larger upper case.

Anyway, I thought it was nice tbh. I still think it is. And it is definitely better to me in some way.

What bothers me most is that they want to improve their coding. They say they want to be more standard and it seems every time you want to make a change it's not a good idea because "everything is already written that way". And when you don't make a change, "you should have change it"... Well sorry I was just copying the old style.

Anyways , it's not that important. I do get their point. Sometimes.

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    Its an standard to nake SQL commands in capital letter and tables, columns names, ... in small letters.
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