Just had my performance review conversation with my manager today and basically it's another "great work"

Which is what I get every year. So wondering does anyone actually get constructive criticism or things they should improve upon?

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    I work in IT mostly and sometimes I write software. My reviews are very good, or at least we're, the company is probably going to stop doing them (I was the only one they did it for). I got some feedback on communication and the fact that our ticketing system was so borked it was impossible to keep track of stuff. That's been solved now thank God.
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    Ohhhh I have mine in two weeks. Gonna be fun!
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    I got one once that said my attendance needed improving.

    I hadn't worked there for like a year !
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    I have never recieved constructive reviews or criticism. I had one "superior" (my boss's autistic brother) who gave me lots of criticism, basically none of it constructive.

    Every developer boss I've had has said that I was teaching them instead, and that they weren't qualified to review my code. Nice compliments, bot exactly helpful 😕. By contrast, every non-developer boss I've had hasn't liked me, or has outright hated me. Probably because I tell them no when they ask for stupid things and/or tell them why it's stupid instead of sinply agreeing and building what they need instead.

    Oh well.
    Hopefully that will change in this new job!
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    Hopefully the reviews and code reviews will improve, not my giving into idiocy.
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    @Nanos Well, then, they were right!
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