Anyone move from web development (Angular, Java) to iOS development? If so, can you please let me know what I should expect in terms of work difference, difficulty of projects and overall general development work flow when one makes the shift?

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    is there any way you can stay in web development and say fuck it to the mobile development side?
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    Different way of doing layouts, different languages, not much more to it
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    Your username is new android fan but you're doing ios? Do you hate your job that much already?
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    @arcsector haha no, that's an old username. I currently do web development but looking to move to iOS.
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    @AleCx04 oh any reason why mobile development is worse than web development?
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    @newandroidfan documentation is shit on both parts, the ides are shit on both parts. Everyone has a way of building apps rather than concentrating on a set of proper guidelines as established by the development environment (its free form af)

    For ios dev you need to have am apple computer and there are no two ways about it) the community seems rather dickish(the same can be sade about any other kind of development tho) fragmentation of devices makes it a pain in the dick to make proper layouts, the concepts you get from developing in one device seldom pass to the other. Android dev makes the simplest things so fucking complex as compared to ios and in some things its vice versa.

    Many nit picks, of mine of course, your experience might greatly vary and you will probably like it more, then again maybe not. And unless you live in the us(seems your home country is india) you will face a FUCKLOAD of work for little compensation
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