Companies : we cannot provide sponsorship.

Me: I can pay for my visa.

Companies : we don't provide relocation.

Me: I can arrange my own ticketes.

Companies never reply back.

It's incrible how many openings for developers I saw around the world and when we apply for them we have to face this issues.

I know some countries is a pain to sort out the documentation, but another countries is very easy and always I face this bulshit and this stupid behavior.

The worst part is they made us waste time with assessment and don't give any shit for feedback.

I made by myselft my own recruitment process for each company that I worked for and I answered each candidate when they didn't pass on the assessment and why and in interview without fear of hurt feelings.

It's best being sad for not passed in the process for any reason that they would could told me than get this limbo.

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    At first, they probably were interested. Otherwise it wouldn't make sense to invite you at all.

    But when a company says "we cannot..." it usually just means "we don't want...".

    "We don't want you to be here because someone else is better for us" is way harsher than "We wanted you here, but unfortunately we cannot because of *insert random excuse here*".
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    @sboesch lack of honesty (or dishonesty outright) is a plague on the job market. Would rather be told to piss off than be led around for weeks.
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    @lkjhgf253 I'm with you, I prefer to hear I don't want to hire you because I found other better than excuses.
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