Behind every successful programmer there is a framework

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    True, it's called a skeleton
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    (sorry, got carried away...) 😔
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    Well, maybe now. 🙄 Nobody builds from scratch anymore, and that's just depressing. (It also shows.)

    Though I had gotten to the point that I was writing my own framework for projects before I even knew frameworks existed. (I happened to call my collection of libraries a "framework.") They definitely make your life easier.
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    and a programmer behind that framework
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    @Root young lady you are right.
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    @Root ah yes the good old days where one can just manually wire every logic port. Fuck those people who want to actually accomplish something instead of reinventing everything.
    (Sidenote: we webdevelopers are reinventing interfaces so yeah still good old times)
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    I'd have to disagree, I remember when frameworks weren't the standard and things were much more efficienct.

    Alas, nowadays people are more interested in shovelling bloat quickly rather than a good product in time.

    While it's true that frameworks can speed up development, there is also a market of lies that comes along with it.

    Just look at how many claim how fast they are when comparatively they're many times slower than even their competitors (looking at you laravel).
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