Why didn't I setup macOS like touchpad gestures on my Plasma to switch workspaces before? So awesome!

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    I've wanted to get them working on KDE for a long time, but never could.

    Please share 😊
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    glad you said that, i think i come across a way to set them up on moksha the other day when I was trying to work out that driver problem. I need to go back and find that page.
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    @Root @M1sf3t

    I found this little program: https://gitlab.com/cunidev/gestures

    You need to install a few dependencies like this: https://github.com/bulletmark/...

    After that (restart is needed after install) you open GUI with the "gestures" command.

    I am using 2x2 virtual desktops grid, so my setup will be for this grid, but you can easily adjust these commands to whatever you want.

    You create new script file somewhere for each gesture, so you will have 4 scripts in the end.

    Here is the script example: https://hastebin.com/qefacubeja.bas...
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    @lamka02sk nice, maybe sometime this week I can find the time to put fallout down long enough to try and set it up. Xswipe was the one I found the other day. It's a bit older but the docs were just updated a few months ago so I'm assuming it's still an active project.
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