I salute all server admins here. I might never understand how you guys get through with all those terminals and debugging and greb and runlevel and all these weird things.

I spent two weeks trying to set up a dev server on CentOS installed on a VM. Just configuring the server took hours of trying to figure out what goes where and in the end I realized that the only thing I did wrong was the runlevel! Which I found out today is actually a thing!!!!

I thank you all for existing. Without you, us web developers would go crazy!

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    Disclaimer: I know how a terminal works, the only knowledge I have is to set up a web server and work with service start stop restart hahahaha
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    Look at using Ansible it will make you server setup much easier you just write a few yaml files and away you go. Version control your Ansible project and you can improve it over time and use it to setup multiple servers.
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