I'll just leave this here....

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    Exceptions don't have anything to do with OOP.
    They are a concept of imperative programming.
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    But the way exceptions are handled in this image has to do with OOP.
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    @metamourge you remove the layer of exception handling (representing ugly static dependencies) then you will find really ugly abstraction with interfaces, factories, abstract abstractions of abstractions. There is a lack of "doers" and "managers" but that will come when functionality is added.
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    "look how many shortcuts we're taking while losing total awareness of what the fuck is going on!"
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    The diagram on the left is a naive view of a software project. The diagram on the right it far simpler and easier to understand than my current project.

    So is the alternative something silly like functional programming?
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    That reminds me of uncle bob's talk why everything we learn about OOP is a marketing lie.
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    @Demolishun It's a joke. Does not imply there is an alternative. Although the way that Go does it is very promising
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    Leggable HAHAHA
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