Interestingly, Google maps thinks I have no regard for roads.

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    Roads are for the small minded. Be free!
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    If you didn’t, then who wrote this AlgoRythm 🤣
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    this will be done for everyone who identifies as attack helicopter
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    It's Elon's secret underground tunnels! You found them!
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    Is this the drones version? Cool! You're a drone now! Start making drone noises and follow the route for 4.3 kilometers until you reach your destination
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    That's your device's GPS, not Google Maps.
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    yes google maps are developing
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    this happens a lot lately, and it freaks me out when I search for directions on a red light... is this a bug? did someone raised it already?
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    Doc Brown? Is that you?

    Where you're going you don't need roads.
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    @bvs23bkv33 I never found the " I identify as Apache attack helicopter" joke funny until today. Thank you
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    You did ask for shortest route, right?
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    Maybe because of your past journeys!
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    what are the blue linws for?
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