Product owners be like getting all over my case because I spoke against their cramming a lot of Acceptance Criteria in the product backlog items AFTER my devs committed to them this sprint. It's really off, considering that half our shifts is spent on Sprint planning, sprint refinement, daily scrum, and all sorts of meetings.

So what I did is let my juniors make dirty feature branches outta develop where my juniors would PR their code to, with little regard for architectural patterns (but still strict with design patterns), that way my team can have some speed with the committed user stories while I sew in the architectural pattern in a branch straight from develop. And then one day before code freeze I will merge the archi/ branch to develop, then each of their pull requests will be measured against the "archi/" standard, be thrown back them to comply with all the conventions, then approved. That way, code is clean and the POs will be happy.

Boy there's going to be a lot of debate and conflicts at code review.

Luckily I have enough mint ointment for my head in case of the resulting bad headache lol.

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    As a junior developer myself, i would wish the seniors / leads was like you, instead of thoes stupid ones i have to follow blindly as a slave. They doesnt care about clean code, any standards & cant even write a time interval in js without fucking it up. Its all about these useless sprints that are just used to show who got the biggest dick.
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