Tl;dr having a corporate firewall is like having an overprotective parent who won't let you out of the house unless you explain everything to her from start to finish.

So I synced my Gradle today and I found out from the stacktrace of errors that one of my certificates has expired. Ok cool I'm just adding to my cacerts file then.

Or what do I know about certificates? I wouldn't have this problem if we have no forbidding corporate firewall to contend with in the first place.

My feelings toward the company firewall is as if my overbearing Novus Ordo mother is alive again and she asks me Socratically, why am I still not home, who am I with, are my friends wholesome? Except this time, she asks what do I need this Android dependency for and why do I need the entire certificate chain approved.

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    Damn, i understood like 20% of it but this rant feels so cool i wish i had your level of knowledge of Android. How long have you been working on Android?
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    I feel you.

    Firewall at the wonderful establishment I work at blocks internal communication between my apps all the time. Hey, you got irregular port communication? You have to go through a three week approval process.

    On top of that, port block can happen on a whim. Been having problems where one of the network guys blocked port comms on one of our database servers that just went in around early December. I'm still going through the approval process. It's painful.
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    @StopWastingTime hello. Been doing it for four years now 😊
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    This sounds like a misconfiguration or the firewall is not up-to-date...

    Or maybe I'm not understanding you correctly. Your client was being blocked from reaching out to gradle because the firewall caught an unapproved/self-signed cert? Or gradle blocked your client because one of the certs was bad?
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