Cringe, from my linkedin feed.

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    Fuck, this hurts my soul.
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    A happy year always starts with a segmentation fault...
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    1.Missing libs
    2.Error, expected ; on the end of first line.
    3.Error, Year not defined.
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    well it's cool but...
    it's hard to believe someone really did this.
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    So much potential, so much fail:

    auto happy = new Year(2020);
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    @Demolishun that wouldn't work in C though.
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    @olback Thank you, was just about to say that.
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    This imples that the struct Year has a field named year...

    struct Year {
    Int year;

    ?! But whyyyyy

    No wait, the more I read it the more retarded it gets, wtf.
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    It could be made sound (if not sane) in C (not C++) with definitions:

    typedef struct Year { int year; } Year;

    struct happy { int dummy; };
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    @Hazarth Maybe you have additional parameters describing the year... so year->year isnt that bad, it can be better but it is still fine
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    Most cringey shit I've seen in ages.
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    I regret seeing this. 😖
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