So the winter break is over and im supposed to be in my uni but no! It is flu time!

Since a human is a machine, and we have certain tools to fix it when it misbehaves lets try to debug that problem! I will tell you a story how
it ended.

*4 days ago*

Both of my parents return from a trip, dad is horribly sick (windpipe infection) so i isolate myself in my room, put on a mask when i have to be near him and wash my hands 3 times i leave my room.

Nope that didnt fucking work, the next day i get flu symptoms(high temp, fatigue, musle and joint pain)
Nothing too bad i can live with it, so i took paracetamol and called it a day.
But im still pissed at my dad for being a fucking idiot and walking everywhere in the house coughing everywhere...

The next day (yesterday)
Took paracetamol again but this time i got a stuffed and runny nose... So i take nasal decongestants, and... they dont work at all...

I wake up with stuffy and cloged nose again. Aparently those nasal drugs i have been taking only make your nose less runny by drying it up, making it 10000x more difficult to unclog your nose...
like wtf? So if you have a runny and stuffed nose you have to choose which one is better?! Nah i take nasal drugs again and clean my nose with saline water, so far so good!

Also paracetamol started working weaker and weaker... What the hell is wrong with me? Im trying to solve 1 problem and my body finds another one! Curing a human is like coding a app, it will go to shit sooner or later.

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    Bonus glitches!
    So you have stuffed nose right?
    Great! You can always try blowing your nose for next 15min and that help a little but... Dont blow too much, because nasal decongestants weaken your blood vessels in the nose and you will get blood coming from your nose!

    So you have flu and you are trying to eat propely? Nope! Not only you wont have any appetite, you will feel naseous.

    Flu sucks.
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    So why are we not going to doctor again? Oh, right because we love PCM and we are engineers full of hacks
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    @StopWastingTime PCM? Pulse code modulation?
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    @StopWastingTime seeing a doctor doesn't magically cure normal flu
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    @electrineer It is usefull if your situation worsens but in current age it dosent matter since they are shit at their job. So the best solution is to have a brain yourself.
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    >> So why are we not going to doctor again?

    Unless you are dying, going to the doctor for flu symtoms is a waste of everyone's time.

    To my shock, a fair numbers of devs around the office go the doc to get antibiotics.

    Dev: "Oh, I'm starting to feel bad. I think I'm getting the flu, time to go to my doctor for some antibiotics"

    Me: "Why? If my doctor prescribed me antibiotics for the flu, I'd be tempted to punch him in the face"

    Dev: "Wha!..what?..Whenever I get the flue, my doctor has always given me antibotics. About a week or so, I'm cured"

    Me: "Say that out loud...again"

    Dev:"Um...oh...I would have felt better in a week anyway?"

    Me: "Yea, there is no cure for the flu. "

    <other devs pop their heads over the cube walls>

    "Really, my doctor gives me the Z-pack for the flu"

    "Yea mine too"

    "Mine gives me amoxicillin"

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    @PaperTrail Antibiotics for flu arent there to cure flu itself but to protect you from pneumonia. People should get more educated.
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    @PaperTrail well i always consider doctor if my problem doesn't go away after 2 Paracetamols(PCM* ,@Gregozor2121)

    Paracetamol is a fairly advanced drug which is mostly my last line of defense
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    PCM is fairly advanced drug...
    nah it is old, not as old as aspiryn but still. Also the molecural structure is very simple.

    I had to take ~7 PCM through 3 days and that flu is still not passing...
    I hope it dosent last full 7 days cuz i have egzams to pass!

    But knowing my luck, if not flu, my depression is going to fuck me with those egzams...
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    @Gregozor2121 they make a nasal spray thats all saline for when your sinuses are dried out and aching. Usually its stocked somewhere beside the other type.
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    Benadryl always works for me when it comes to clogged nose but then again, I have nasal allergy. After a few minutes, you feel your nostrils opening up to sweet sweet air and you can breath again. It will make you sleepy though.

    As for the flu, I rarely take any medicine. I just stay home and get a good long sleep.
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    @tits-r-us the sprays for flu and allergy are completely different
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    @electrineer Yep, that's why I said "then again, I have nasal allergy". Just putting it out there in case he has them too because nasal allergy, when it gets really bad, can show flu-like symptoms.

    Anyway, I'm no expert. Just sharing my experience. Get well soon!
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    >> People should get more educated.

    Absolutely. I suspect doctors that prescribe antibiotics for the flu only do it to appease their patients. I don't buy the '..to treat a possible secondary infection' nonsense. Sell that extended warranty to someone else.
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    @PaperTrail and the antibiotics have unwanted effects too
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