Would it be really bad if I just straight out asked my boss if I'm the most Senior person on the team?

I'm the youngest of all Senior Devs on the team... Though actually I just turned 30... Today...

Maybe this is another one of those moments triggered by my subconscience...

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    Does it matter? What will change if you are (or not).
    In my experience it's the people that don't need to say it are the leaders of the team.
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    Unless you are also asking for promotion or a pay raise, why do it?
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    @24th-Dragon I m actually, but not definite, they could still pass me over so maybe that's when I'll ask...
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    Actually I sort of realized the problem.... Whenever I say things others don't listen... Then causes an issue... And so in my mind in just go I told this before like a month ago.

    Other devs just don't seem to take me seriously the **first** time I say something... Though my boss does.... Most of the time
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    Happy birthday 🥳
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