Ok so don't answer the question then?

Pretty sure I'm losing braincells while reading product reviews.

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    Did you know that tomatoes are 50% off in your local grocery store.

    Rating of your rant 1/5 stars.
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    Yeah the number of "Sorry, I don't know" answers is mind-boggling.
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    @VaderNT What boggles my mind even more is that Amazon doesn't have a filter for this
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    @kescherRant As I understand it, Amazon is actually to blame for the "no idea" responses, because the system emails people who've bought the product before prompting them to answer a question, and then the user feels compelled to put something even if they have no clue.
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    @dgwdgw that's still the users fault for not having enough common sense to just ignore it.
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    @Stuxnet It's the fault of Amazon for not realizing that users don't have common sense.
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    The whole world doesn't revolve around Macbooks Shirley.
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    Stfu, Shirley.
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    God damn it Shirley
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    I'm sorry, but I've only used local stores and I don't know how these questions work.
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    That's like going to a comedy show and shouting "no" when the audience is asked "is anyone from X". Saying no doesn't help anybody.
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    Can we group these reviews into the same category as the "1 star - I haven't received the product yet. I'll update when I get it" reviews into this?
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